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Date of Birth: May 24/1981 in Zürich
Zodiac Sign: Gemini (Asc. Libra)
Physis: 180cm / 70 kg.
Profession: Electrodesigner
Occupation: Supervisor at RBC
Interest: Wrestling, Sports in General
Hobbys: Icehockey, Comp., Billiard
Likes much: nearly everything
Don't like: stressed People
Positive: Cheerful, Well Balanced
Negative: Forgetfulness
Pref.Food: Pizza & Mothers Kitchen
Pref.Music: Pop, Rock
Pref.Musicgroup: Metallica
Pref.Acter: Bart Simpson
Pref.Actress: Liza Simpson
Pref.Movie: The Simpsons
Pref.Book: Max & Moritz
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